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The endangered equine breeds list

The Endangered Breeds List is an inventory of all breeds with data to suggest :
- that the total number of breeding females is greater than 100 and less than or equal to 1 000 or the total number of breeding males is less than or equal to 20 and greater than five ;
- or if the overall population size is greater than 80 and less than 100 and increasing and the percentage of females being bred to males of the same breed is above 80 percent;
- or if the overall population size is greater than 1 000 and less than or equal to 1200 and decreasing and the percentage of females being bred to males of the same breed is below 80 percent  and  it  is not assigned to other categories.
The breeds are  listed alphabetically by most common name. The whole list includes 654 breeds, of these 541 are local breeds, 72 regional and 41 international breeds.

Local breeds


  • Áne local (fr.= local ass) Madagascar
  • Anger Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Asino dell’Amiata (it.) Italy
  • Asino Sardo (it.) Italy
  • Donkey (eng.) Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Indian Wild Ass (eng.) India
  • Iranian Onager (eng.) Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Martina Franca (it.) Italy
  • Puttalam Buruwa Sri Lanka
  • Ragusana (it.) Italy
  • Zamorano-Leonés (sp.) Spain
  • Arabisches Halbblut (ger.) Germany
  • Ardenais du Nord (fr.) France
  • Azerbaidzhanskaya (ru.) Azerbaijan
  • Baise Pony (eng.) China
  • Caballo de Monte del País Vasco (sp.) Spain
  • Cavallo Del Catria (it.) Italy
  • Cavallo Del Ventasso (it.) Italy
  • Cavallo della Giara (it.) Italy
  • Charysh (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Chistokrovnaya Arabskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Criollo chileno (sp.) Chile
  • Dareshuri Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Deutsche Shetland Partbred (ger.) Germany
  • Deutsches Classic Pony (ger.) Germany
  • Deutsches Rheinisches Kaltblut (ger.) Germany
  • Draver (dutch) Netherlands
  • Elenchus China
  • European Warmblood South Africa
  • Hirzai Pakistan
  • Horse United Republic of Tanzania
  • Horse (eng.) Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Irish Pony (eng.) Ireland
  • Jaca Navarra (sp.) Spain
  • Jinjiang China
  • Jugoslovenski Kasac (serb.) Serbia and Montenegro
  • Kaimanawa ‘ Wild’ Horse (eng.) New Zealand
  • Kallblodstravare (swed.) Sweden
  • Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd (ger.) Germany
  • Kuznetskaya Porodnaya Gruppa (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Lac La Croix Indian Pony (eng.) Canada
  • Latvian Draught (eng.) Belarus
  • Makra Pakistan
  • Malakan (turk.) Turkey
  • Mecklenburger Kaltblut (ger.) Germany
  • Menorquina (sp.) Spain
  • Mingrelian (eng.) Georgia
  • Namib Horse South Africa
  • Narym (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Newfoundland Pony (eng.) Canada
  • Ôhessaly Greece
  • Ox-Araber (eng.) Denmark
  • Pechorskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Piebald and Skewbald Ireland
  • Pinto Typ Lewitzer (ger.) Germany
  • Polesskaya (ru.) Belarus
  • Poney Français de Selle (fr.) France
  • Pony dell’Esperia (it.) Italy
  • Priobskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Puoliverinen (in.) Finland
  • Romanian Trotter (eng.) Romania
  • SA Miniature Horse South Africa
  • Sächsisch-Thüringisches Kaltblut (ger.) Germany
  • Salernitano (it.) Italy
  • Sanfratellana (it.) Italy
  • Schleswiger Kaltblut (ger.) Germany
  • Schwarzwälder Kaltblut (ger.) Germany
  • schweres Warmblut /ostfriesisch-altoldenburgisch (ger.) Germany
  • Slovenský Sportový Pony (slov.) Slovakia
  • Somali Pony (eng.) Somalia
  • Starokladrubsky Uranik (czech) Czech Republic
  • Svensk ardennerhäst (swed.) Sweden
  • Syrian (eng.) Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tavdinskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Thüringer Warmblut (ger.) Germany
  • Tolfetana (it.) Italy
  • Trait Auxois (fr.) France
  • Turkemin Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Vladimirskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Vyatskaya (ru.) Russian Federation
  • Zwaar Warmbloed (op oud Oldenburger en Ost-Friese grondslag) (dutch) Netherlands

Regional breeds

  • Poitou
  • Somali Wild Ass 


Europe :
  • Boulonnais
  • Dagestan Pony
  • Estonian Draft
  • Fell Pony
  • Furioso-Northstar
  • Gidran
  • Gotland Pony
  • Karachai
  • Kladruby
  • Polish Konik
  • Tersk
  • Tinker
  • Tuigpaard

Afrique :
  • Nooitgedacht Pony

North America
  • Sable Island Pony 
International breeds
  • Mammoth Jack Stock 

  • American Paint 
  • Cleveland Bay 
  • Dales
  • Falabella Pony
  • Flamand 
  • Hackney 
  • Hackney Pony 
  • Karabakh 
  • Przewalski Horse
  • Suffolk

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